Sunday, 5 February 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New: Cups and Spoons

A few years ago - well, maybe more than a few, more like eons - my Mom stuffed a new set of measuring spoons and cups under the Christmas tree for me.  I think she bought the sets for me because she had bought them for herself and really liked them.

And I ended up really liking them.  Until a little while had passed and something happened.

The SIZES started washing off!!!!!

And what resulted was me standing there eyeballing my spoons to figure out which one was which and then HOPING it was the right spoon and making things took FOR.EV.ER.


It was only recently (October or November *ahem*) that I decided that I needed NEW spoons and cups before I went crazy and threw out every kitchen tool I own.  My disdain of my measuring utensils was THAT intense.

MONTHS before this revelation I had fondled a set of stainless steel measuring cups in a kitchen store in a store in the city where my Mom and Dad live.  I had been thinking about them ever since. 

I went hunting where I live, but no-one CARRIED the set of cups that I wanted, needed, dreamed of.  So I sent my Mom!  And then she called and teased me by fondling and banging around my new set of stainless steel cups and telling me how pretty they are.  It was super-mean.

Thankfully, because I could NOT handle her doing the same thing with my new set of spoons, I found them in my local kitchen supply store.  Which I LOVE and won't share. 

I love these measuring spoons.  I love that they're stainless steel and I love that the measure is engraved into the handle.  And I love that they're square - they fit into spice jars (which is AWE.SOME!), 'cept for the Tablespoon.

The only thing I can say is that the set didn't have a 1/2 tablespoon measure, so I kept that one out of the old set.

On to the measuring cups.  Remember how I said that the measure washed off the old set of spoons?

It happened with the CUPS TOO!  *sniff*

And that made me crazy also.

Here's my NEW set!

LOVE!  Love, love, love

I kept the egg separator from the old set.  Mostly because I think it's genius and I can't seem to separate an egg without breaking the yolk.

For whatever reason.

So, yeah - I love my new tools LOADS AND LOADS. 

I even bought my Mom her own set of spoons and cups.  So she'd have her OWN to fondle and leave my stuff alone.

Love in the kitchen, this is the Cane Girl - signing off. 

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