Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Product Review: Budweiser BBQ Sauce

Yeah - so I bought this BBQ sauce AGES ago.  Then it sat around in my pantry collecting dust and this week I decided that I'd finally had enough of looking at it.

And everything else that's in my pantry. 

So I'm cleaning it out.

Starting NOW. 

I did up some root beer pulled pork because it's easy and fast and I don't have to mess around a whole bunch.

Because I was so busy.  Busy being lazy.

It was an awesome day.

I love the idea of beer in BBQ sauce.  The tangy, smoky flavours.  Yum.  Probably why I bought this sauce in the first place.

And you know what?  It is delicious!  Dark and smoky, exactly what I expected it to be.

I'd definitely go for it again!

Disclaimer:  I didn't get paid for any of this - it's just my honest thoughts.


  1. Did you use the sauce in the actual cooking of the pulled pork or just mix it in later????