Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Product Review: A&W BBQ Sauce

At Christmas this year we went to St. Augustine, Florida for a day trip.  It's an incredibly interesting little town with an incredibly HUGE amount of touristy things to do.  I loved it.  I especially loved the trolley rides that you can hop on and off - the driver tells you all about the history and the buildings and on and on.  If you're a history buff, I definitely recommend it.
The point is, there's this little store in St. Augustine that specializes in barbecue sauce, hot sauce, salsas, spreads, jellies - the whole nine yards.
While snooping around, I found this A&W BBQ Sauce and thought it would pair perfectly with my Root Beer Pulled Pork. 


I LOVED it.  It was BBQ sauce with a hint of root beer and a little bit of spice.

The bad news?  It's not available here in Canada.

The good news?  The little shop in St. Augustine will ship to us.

I'm frothing at the mouth to put in an order!

Now I just need to remember the name of the store.....
On the off-chance you randomly find some of this awesome BBQ Sauce - it's a BUY for sure.  Don't even hesitate.

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