Saturday, 4 October 2014

Wild Mountain Bacon Cheeseburger

Quick!  Before Winter comes back!  Run outside and get in one last BBQ!  Have this sauce on your burgers!!!  It's a sunny day in Cold Lake - gotta get out there while you can!

(Unless you're not like me and you BBQ all year long.  I personally don't really feel the need to BBQ when it's 30 degrees below 0 Celcius)

Here's something you may or may not know about me.  I worked part time at Wendy's for about 3 years.

No really - I was the late-night, drive-thru princess.  The second year (I'm pretty sure - it's kind of a blur) I was there they brought out these Wild Mountain Bacon Cheeseburgers as one of the special-type burgers they do.

OMG.  It was my favorite.  It's STILL my favorite and they don't make them anymore.  It was the saddest November of my Foodie-life when they didn't come back. 

And then I ran across a copy-cat claiming to be exactly the same as my beloved burger.

So - mostly in desperation - I thought I'd give it a try.

Start mixing the ingredients in a medium sized bowl.
First the mayo.

Then the spices.



Mix well to combine.  It's going to turn this pretty color.

And spread on a toasted bun and mash it on top of a grilled patty with cheese, bacon, and lettuce.  If you can get it - I recommend a slice of Colby-Jack marble cheese, but we can't get it, so I just used regular marbled cheese.

I honestly am sure it's pretty darn close, a fair substitute for the real deal - but maybe not 100% the exact same. 
It's also a nice change from the ordinary.  Seriously.  A girl can only take so many burgers with ketchup and/ or mayo on them.
Also - you should know that I thought the flavor improved after a day or so.  So making this in advance probably would be a pretty good idea.