Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

We are getting ready to close out 2014 and start a New Year, for which I'm grateful and full of anticipation.  2014 was........    I don't really know how to describe what 2014 was. 

Busy.  2014 was busy.  lol.  Or whatever.

Are you interested to know which 10 posts you looked at the most? Let's count them down from the bottom to the top.  (yes - I just referenced one of the most popular songs of 2014)

10.  Buttery Honey Beer Bread

Yum.  This quick bread is sweet, savory, and perfect for sopping up stew or soup, or slathering in butter.  The edges are a little crisp - but the inside is a big, soft, crumb. 


You guys.  This soup.  It is so full of cheese and beer that I can barely stand it.  It's creamy, rich, and totally amazing.  Seriously - it's so worth it.  And don't knock the popcorn.  It's weird, but it totally works.

I know it's a little weird. But it's different and sweet and savory and fun!  But for real - don't put it on a whole wheat crust.  Unless you're into that kind of thing.  God that lighting was terrible.  I hate high efficiency bulbs. 


7. Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers

OMG.  I try soooo hard to eat healthy, but I HATE it when it's boring.  These are NOT boring.  Flavorful and juicy - chockfull of delicious stuff.  They kinda make me "like" healthy food.


Woo!  Another "healthy" recipe, that I could actually get behind and insist on having in my kitchen!  Doesn't it look creamy and sinful?  It's really not. 


Oh boy.  I'm so in love with this pasta.  I love the creamy decadence.  I love the pasta.  I love the shrimp!  Perfect for impressing visiting company - or that special someone in your life.  Or if you just want to treat yourself.  I find that it thickens after it's been sitting for a bit - so let it stand for about 10 minutes before serving.

4. Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

I'm a MAJOR comfort food junkie.  It makes me wildly happy.  These potatoes are no exception.  Full of garlic, cheesy, creamy, and topped with crispy French fried onions - it's the perfect side for when you don't have any gravy and just need something a little different.  Like with ham.  Or meatloaf.  Or Swiss steak.  Whatever your heart desires.

3.  Root Beer Float Cream Pie

When I first started following food blogs, I had no idea about all the "stuff" we can't buy here in Canada.  Biscoff, root beer concentrate, bottled key lime juice, Pilsbury Funfetti cake mix.....  The list is very long.  I brought home root beer concentrate from Florida when I'd been there on a trip with my Mom.  I've made a few things already (the guys I work with are slaves for the Root Beer Float Cookies!), but this Root Beer Float Cream Pie is out of this world delightful.  Dress it up with Maraschino cherries and you've got a winner dessert on your hands that even root beer non-fans will gobble up.  I LOVE this pie.  The only thing is....  You really need root beer concentrate to make it.  Sorry 'bout that.  You can do it without - but I don't think the flavour will be as good.


This recipe rolled around and around and around on Pinterest.  And when I finally decided to make it, it was absolutely awesome.  Sweet, smoky, tender.  Perfect on egg noodles or rice.  It's been added to my all-time favorite chicken recipes.  Also - it's so easy I could cry.  It was gobbled up by my 4-year old niece, and her Dad too.  Just keep an eye on the red pepper flakes.  If you get too carried away, it'll be too spicy!

And the number 1 most visited recipe for 2014 is.......  Creamy Italian Chicken

This recipe was one I looked at and looked at.  Hummed and hawed.  And decided to give it a whirl.  There's always a frozen pizza in the fridge if it's terrible.  Turns out - it wasn't actually terrible!  Although I thought it desperately needed some color.  Like - if you stirred in peas at the end.  Or added some parsley.  Or whatever.  I served it over rice, but had it on buns the next day and it was perfectly delightful as a hot sandwich!

And there you have it!  Your top 10 of 2014! 

Thank you so much for a wonderful and amazing year!  Best of luck to you and yours in this coming New Year!

xoxo - Heather

PS - stay tuned for MY Top 10 favorites of 2014.