Friday, 27 July 2012

It's My Birthday! Cake Batter Truffles

I'm turning 32 this year.

If you kind of swish it around in your mouth a little bit - it doesn't taste so bad.

But, during a conversation with my Grandma, I discovered that if you had asked me 10 years ago who and where I'd be now - I don't think I could have told you that I would be this. 

I actually kind of really enjoy it most of the time.

Moving along - instead of balking at the idea of 32, I thought I would embrace it by "celebrating" with treats.

Treats involving cake batter.

Because it's festive and stuff.

First up - Cake. Batter. Truffles.

I've never made truffles before!  I guess these aren't a traditional truffle.

But they're in a ball shape - so I guess they're truffles.

I tried three different recipes.

One is from Jessica over at The Novice Chef.  Jessica's lovely - she lives in Florida and I'm considering asking her if I can move in with her and her family.  Or I'll just sleep in her backyard.  I'm a Canadian - I won't get cold!  She has this whole plethora of recipes I can't to try!

The other is from Christy over at The Girl Who Ate Everything.  She has a great blog with family friendly food and she has an amazing family.

The third is from Naomi at Bakers Royale.  She is famous for her boozy popsicles and creative cupcakes.  In my little world at least.  And I've been thinking about making popsicle after popsicle during the heat wave we've been going though.  Drunk and cooled off - sounds like my kind of summer day!

I'm about to show you Jessica's truffles as a how to - for posterity.  Generally when I'm comparing recipes, I have too much to do to slow down to take pictures - but I really wanted to show you how these things go together.

Here's what you'll need.

You'll also need to pull out your food processor and put in the dough blade.

Put in the butter, cake mix, sugar, flour, and vanilla extract.  Process together until it becomes a firm dough and there are no lumps.

Put dough mixture into a mixing bowl and stir in the sprinkles using a spatula.

I used a small cookie scoop to portion the dough and then rolled it into balls.

Then, put the rolled balls onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  I used parchment paper because I was out of wax paper and it seemed to work just fine.

Chill in the freezer for 10 minutes.

While chilling the dough, make the candy coating.  I couldn't find exactly white almond bark, so I used white chocolate wafers.

Melt the wafers in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring each time. 

After the wafers are all melted, add in the vegetable oil and stir until smooth.

Dunk each dough ball, one at a time, covering the ball completely with the coating.  I found that using two forks worked the best.

Put back onto the lined parchment paper and sprinkle sprinkles (is that right?) on top right away.  The sprinkles will stick and stay when the coating is "wet".

After all the dough balls are coated - they can sit on the counter for 1 hour, or put in the fridge for 20 minutes.

I thought they were best out of the fridge though.

Here's what each different truffle looked like.

These are The Novice Chef's truffles

These are The Girl Who Ate Everything's truffles

These are Bakers Royale's truffles

Each of them were different in flavour and texture - all were unique and special!

My favourite were Jessica's truffles - they had tremendous cake flavour and excellent texture.  Dee agreed with me on that one.

My second runner up was Naomi's truffles - they had excellent flavour and a gooey texture - although I would probably coat them in a candy melt next time - I wasn't terribly partial to the chocolate coating - I thought it kind of overpowered the cake flavour.

Nate's favourites were Christy's truffles - he thought they were a little more dense and they tasted the best to him.

Happy Birthday to the Cane girl!  (Yeah - that's me).

The Novice Chef
Bakers Royale
The Girl Who Ate Everything

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