Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another Year Come To Pass

Today I am 31.  Thirty-one.  Three. One.  Ugh.  No matter how you try and dress it up, it doesn't get any better.

If my Mom and Dad thought I freaked out about 30 - well, this one is worse.  Like, 800 times worse.  Although I've been dealing with it pretty quietly.

I was roped into going to visit my parents last weekend with the promise of new brakes (don't even get me started about the brakes - it's a long story which ended both poorly and well).  My niece had been staying with them while my brother and his wife were on a road trip.  Niece grew!  And she's so adorable - still!  And I think she kinda loves me - a lot...  It was the "checking to make sure Aunty Heather is looking" thing that makes me think that. 

On Sunday, Dad changed out my brakes and afterwards, the four of us headed out to the Latin Festival going on downtown.  I can honestly say that I wasn't terribly impressed - although the empanadas that I had were to die for.  And I could have eaten about a gallon of the salsa - it was that good.  But the "festival" - wasn't that thrilling.

On the way home, one tired baby and one tired Aunty were sleeping in the backseat of the car, when my Mom asked if I'd like a Ice Cream cake or Buster Bars for my birthday.  I went with the cake.  I like the frosting around the edges - it's my favorite part and I always wish there was more...  Turns out it's my Mom's favorite part too!  Which I didn't know - you'd think that was something I would know about her.  Since I've been around for a while.

Mom made the Chicken and Dumplings Stew for dinner that I totally drool over.  I've only had it twice (including Sunday) in the last year, but I would definitely eat it more often.  My goodness it's delicious.  It's total comfort food.  I think she's sending me the recipe.  I hope she remembers.

I think Mom and Dad kinda forgot about my birthday....  hee hee.  She's never gonna live that one down.  When Mom ran over to the grocery store "to pick up a couple of things for dinner", she also picked up part of my birthday present.... hee hee.  (But now we're even because I forgot about their anniversary, which happens to be the day after my birthday - oops!)  She resents that I'm making fun of her, but I will concede that they've been very busy with travelling and taking care of my niece and it kinda just came out of nowhere.  But I consider hard to forget since it also coincides with their wedding anniversary. 

Anyway, they gifted me a couple of books, a gift card for an electronics store, and the most incredible purple pearl.  The pearl thing made me laugh, because I had actually asked my Dad to get one for me when they were in Hawaii.  I told him to go to one of the vendors on the street, pick the ugliest oyster he could find in the bunch and I wanted the pearl that was inside.  Everyone knows the prettiest pearl comes from the ugliest oyster.  And if you didn't, well, now you do! 

After they came back and stopped in for an overnight visit after their trip, they had brought me some souvenirs and while I was thrilled with the Macadamias, skirt, and flower barrette, I will admit that I was totally disappointed that I didn't get my pearl.  Like SUPER disappointed.  And they could tell.  And over the next little while, I completely forgot about it!  lol!  But when I opened the pearl on Sunday I was so excited - it was worth the wait.  Mom said that when Dad picked the oyster and the girl opened it up and there was a purple pearl inside, he said there was NO. WAY. that I would get it as just a souvenir.  That kind of thing is a birthday or Christmas gift.  I kinda understand - and I think Dad loved my reaction.

I love my purple pearl in it's wonderfully unique setting.  It couldn't be more ME if I had picked it out myself!

On Monday night, I showed up for a pre-planned BBQ with Dee and her boyfriend.  It had been a hot and beautiful day, but I'm sad to report that a great big thunderhead came around and spoiled all the sunshine.  (Plus the fact I had wasted that wonderful afternoon sitting at the mechanics wasn't totally awesome).

Dee made delicious curry burgers, salad, and potatoes on the BBQ.  Yum!!!!  It was exactly what I wanted that day!  Dee surprised me with a basket of paper stuffs, a recipe journal, and mints!  All food related - with the exception of the Fashion Citation notepad.  We judge.  I judge.  I can't help it.  Dee's boyfriend bought me cupcakes from Fuss Cupcakes - and goodness they were delicious!!!  He bought one big cupcake just for me and then 12 minis for us to all share.  I'm definitely spoiled!

And now - on the actual day, I'm at work in the bush.  I think that if you work in the bush and you work on your birthday that you should get holiday pay.  Seriously.  No fun going somewhere things.  Stuck in the bush.

I didn't exactly tell anyone here that it's my birthday.  They probably wouldn't care anyway...  But I did put in requests with our cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! French toast for breakfast, pizza for lunch, bacon-wrapped scallops and onion rings at supper time.  Saturday's here are steak night - and since I didn't want to ruffle any feathers by asking for something different than steak, I asked for different sides.  I don't eat steak anyway.  I also filched one of the last pieces of carrot cake and hid it in my room for my personal consumption later this evening.  Cause I KNOW if I waited to snag a piece it would be all gone.  That's how things work here.

But if I was at home - here's how my perfect birthday would pan out.
Wake up - beautiful warm morning, gorgeous blue sky (the kind where you can sit on your porch in your shorty pyjamas and be warm)
8am tee time - with no-one in front of you and no one rushing behind you, and you par on every hole.
11:30 lunch - Patio.  Lobster Grilled Cheese.  Nuff said.  If you don't know what restaurant that comes from - you're missing out.
Afternoon - sit on deck and read book while getting a tan.  That's multi-tasking people.  Three things at once.  I'm amazing.
Dinner - Crab Cakes, Chicken Enchiladas, White Chocolate Brownie, scandalous amounts of Peach Bellinis.  That's another restaurant.  I wouldn't COOK on my birthday!  Even though I'd secretly want to, but getting waited on hand and foot is totally up my alley.
Evening - A late screening of the last Harry Potter movie.  And there aren't a ton of people in the theater.  And it's awesome.

Yep - I'm a Harry Potter fan.  I can't help myself.  At.  All.  Read all the books - seen all the movies, goin' to the theme park in September. 

I know.  I'm cool.

And then the day after my birthday I would sleep in.  Cause my birthday should last two days - or more, maybe like the whole week - which it kinda has.  And really, because I'm at work in the bush for the actual day - I should get a double shot of birthday wishes.

So - happy birthday to me.  I know if you were here you'd wish me a happy birthday too!

And did all of my dreams come true in my 30th year on this earth, like all my birthday cards wished me last year?  Not really.  But I had some fun anyway!  And heck - maybe they will this year!  Who knows with these type of things?

Another year older - this is the Cane Girl, signing off.

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