Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dealing With My "Little" Problem

I know it's been forever since I've posted.  The house was an average of 30 degrees Celcius every day.  I did make cookies one morning for dinner with Dee and her boyfriend....  And it was so hot I was sweating everywhere - specifically trying not to sweat in the cookie dough.  So there it is.

I figured out how to start cleaning out my "Recipe Hoard".  It came to me shortly after I posted about having this huge recipe collection and just how I was going to get it cleaned up. 

I really wanted to start with cupcakes as my main focus.  Cause I love 'em!  And the bulk of my hoard is cupcakes.  So that's what I'm going to do.  I'll do other stuff as well, but this Winter - it'll be all about the cupcakes.

But what to call this project?  How to decide where to start?

If you know anything about me, you should know that I like to be organized, have a plan, and I don't like random and unexpected. 

I thought about printing a list of all the cupcakes recipes I have saved and putting them in a hat and drawing one a week.  Nope, too random.  I thought about having other people pick.  But then they'd have to look at my cupcake list and would realize I have a problem.  Not gonna work.  But if you read my post on my "problem", then you already know about it and like me anyway.  I wanted to do "seasonal" cupcakes - you know, Red Velvet at Valentine's, Candy Corn Cupcakes at Halloween, etc. etc.

Then it came to me.  And it will totally work because this is the way I think.  If that makes any sense.

Project Name:  Cupcakes A to Z
Process: Alphabetically (obviously) (Can you guess what my full-time career is?)
Time Frame:  When it starts being cool enough to have my oven on until it starts being too HOT to have my oven on!
Special Note:  I'll be halving the recipes anytime I possibly can.  My pants will thank me in the long run.  Oh, and I also have discovered that you can freeze cake batter...  Which will help my pants even MORE! 

Now, I can already see that I will have a problem when I try to do the Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes.  Since it's not Easter there are no Creme Eggs around.  And if there are, I'd be afraid to buy them.  I'm afraid they'd be stale and horrible.  So there might be a couple of cupcakes that I have to tackle out of order.  Darn it - I wonder if it will throw me off.

And where to stick any new cupcake recipes that fall into my lap?  Well - if I haven't gotten to the letter it falls under yet, it won't matter.  If I've passed that letter - I'll just put it up next.  And do I revisit cupcakes that I've already made?  I would really love to do the Apple Spice Cupcakes again, and I would love to do Guinness Cupcakes because the Bailey's Buttercream bombed so badly and now I know better. 

Oh, how I love having a plan.  Now to execute.

I spent quite a bit of time organizing and arranging my collection of recipes.  I also have a "Cupcakes" folder specifically for cupcakes and a copy on a USB stick that goes pretty well everywhere that I go.  That way I can update the folder easily if I find a new recipe to add to my arsenal.

Because I also have multiples of the same recipe, I will do side by side comparisons - because they can all be so different, and then I can figure out what I like.

I'm looking forward to the process - but somewhat intimidated because I know that my decision making abilities are somewhat restricted.  For example - what if I try 5 different recipes and like them ALL?  A sane person only needs one recipe.

Anyway, at this point I have a stunning variety of cupcakes to try - not including variations from different bloggers.  And as soon as my days off start I'll be starting this project.

I'm sure getting things wheedled away will make me feel so much better.

Aren't you excited?  I know I am!

This is the Cane Girl - signing off.

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