Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cupcakes A to Z: Bacon & Egg Cupcakes

Yep - you read that right.  Bacon and Egg Cupcakes.  Well - "Egg".

I think I saw this on Tastespotting and was instantly intrigued.

Bacon in or on desserts is all the rage right now (uh, though I might have missed it).  Candied, plain, baked in, and topped with.  And I am a bacon lover.  Love.  Bacon.  The guys I work with call me "The Baconator".  I'll probably need a bypass before I'm 40.  But I'm NOT giving up my bacon.

After reading through the recipe I decided that instead of topping with a butterscotch candy, I decided to just use frosting to make the "yolk".  But I LOVED her idea of using poppy seeds to emulate pepper!

This time around - I started with the frosting first.  I rarely do that, but I wanted to let the color "set" in the yolk.

Tip for newbies: over beating cream cheese results in clumps.  Make sure you don't over beat your cream cheese!

That's it - just cream cheese and icing sugar
With a little Wilton White-White.  I'm not sure if it made it any whiter or if it's just this picture.

I made the frosting and separated out a little bit of it and colored it with Wilton Orange.  I added in a little Wilton Yellow to make it a little bit more "yolky". 

The "yolk" frosting

After the frosting was finished, I set about making the cupcakes.

First, I fried up the bacon and crumbled it into small bits.
Hello lover.  Uh, I mean bacon.

Check out my sweet new mixer bowl!

Check out my sweet FlexEdge Beater!  Told you I got spoiled this year!

Anyway, I used a cake box mix to make these cupcakes - and it tasted pretty good too.  Mix everything together and toss in the bacon bits.

Oooh!  Oooh!  Check my sweet new spatula from Dee!!!

It's true - I got spoiled ROT.TEN.

Then bake.

After they were baked up and cooled, I spread the white frosting on the cupcakes and smoothed it out the best I could.

Then I took my (clean!) thumb and make a small indentation in about the center of the cupcake.

I filled a piping bag with the "yolk" frosting and used a large round tip to pipe a roundish yolk and smoothed it out the best I could with my finger.

And to finish it off, I dropped some poppy seeds on top to fake pepper.

And our thoughts?

My personal opinion is that the bacon didn't really seem to be terribly prominent in the cupcake.  Also, the cream cheese frosting was a little strong against the vanilla cupcake.  I also think that I left the cupcakes in a little too long and that they were a little dry.

Everyone else (there were four of us) at the table thought they were wonderful!

But, for me, it was the aesthetics of the cupcake!  They're so cute and fun to look at!!!

And since these cupcakes have bacon in them - I can totally eat them for breakfast.  Right?  I mean - you would understand how I could confuse these for eggs from afar and while my eyes are all bleary from my sweet dreams? 

Wouldn't you?

I won't post the recipe, here, but you can find it if you follow the link below.

Full on "breakfast foods", this is the Cane Girl - signing off.

Source: That's So Michelle

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