Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cream Cheese Lasagna

I'm always intrigued by variations of lasagna.  I mean - I make my Mom's lasagna and it's delicious every time.  I'm sure it's the same for you.
But everyone's lasagna is different than everyone else's.  And everyone claims that theirs is best lasagna in the world.
And I have no doubt that it's true.
I rolled upon this recipe on Pinterest and Sommer, during a visit with her husband's family, discovered that her Mother-in-law uses CREAM CHEESE instead of ricotta or cottage cheese in her lasagna!
I know. 
But why not?

Sommer's recipe actually calls for sausage, but I'm not terribly fussed on sausage, so I just used ground beef.

Okay - there's clearly spices in there.  But I have no idea what they are.  Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure I just used some garlic salt. 

Or something.  My bad.  But because I used ground beef instead of Italian sausage it needed a little flavoring.  Use your judgement.

After the beef is cooked through, pour in the marinara sauce and let simmer.  I suggest using a really big skillet.  I clearly need one.

Cook and drain lasagna noodles, I used 12.  Lay the noodles flat on a clean tea towel.
Evenly divide the cream cheese and spread on each noodle, covering as much of the noodle as possible.

Then assemble.
And bake.
And I would say that it needs to stand for 15 - 20 minutes or so.
It is wildly cheesy and creamy.
The cream cheese adds a sweetness and tang that's kind of unexpected, but completely delightful!

Okay - so granted, these pictures make this dish look like a hot mess.  And does Sommer about zero justice.
But trust me when I say that it is AMAZING!!. Creamy, cheesy, saucy - just a delicious dish.  Next time I would top it with sweet basil instead of Italian Seasoning - but that's just my personal preference.

Run over to see Summer at her blog and try her delicious lasagna!

Source:  A Spicy Perspective

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