Saturday, 19 March 2011

Getting To Know You

I have to admit something.  This is my first blog.  Ever.  I even consider myself to be quite technical, but in all this time, I've never even considered a blog.  Then a friend, we'll call her Kay, suggested it.  Then a co-worker suggested it as well.  That I write a blog about my "culinary" adventures (and the more hilarious "life" adventures when they happen).

After A LOT of consideration, I finally got up the guts to set it up.

The sad part of it is - I have done some REALLY great cooking.  And have had some GRAND disasters.  And I've bored my mother and friends to tears telling them all about it.  I won't recount what I've already done, we'll just start from here.


Anyway, let's move along.

I enjoy being in the kitchen.  I love to make things that make you close your eyes and say "yum".  I'm very technical and literal - I don't create things on my own, I actually CAN'T.  But I can follow a recipe.  Probably that's why I'm a pretty good baker - it's science and math.  It's this + this + this = that.  I like that.  The first time I make something and it comes out perfectly - it makes me feel awesome.

I'm probably starting this blog at the absolute worst time - although summer won't touch down in Alberta for a while yet (okay - like three more months), I can feel myself preparing for it - I've been eyeballing my golf clubs like a thirsty man looks at a glass of water.  And perhaps you won't hear from me for weeks on end - but I'll be back.

I've just realised that I have no idea how I should sign off.  You know how at the end of all the cooking shows, the host says something like "Stay Hungry!" or "That's it for this episode" or whatever they say?  I have no idea how to finish.  Well - let's leave that part for now and if you can think of anything - let me know.


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