Sunday, 27 March 2011

When Good Things Happen.....

You may be surprised to find out that this blog isn't ALL about food.  I know, right!!!  (as shock and amazement ripples through you)

I do work, I do have a family and friends - I just think that you may not be interested in the regular, every-day stuff that goes on.  In fact, I'm somewhat bored by it.

However, one of those days comes along and brightens up even the darkest time. 

I had been be-moaning my grief about not being able to do any travelling one day to a co-worker.  I feel like I REALLY need a vacation.  I'm exhausted and not just in my body - in my mind too.  I can absolutely take holidays and stay home during the summer and enjoy activities like golfing and lazing on the deck reading my book or hanging out with friends.  And I've done it before.  But it always seems that chores linger on the wings waiting to make their entrance.  When I take a holiday, I want to leave my home, stay somewhere where there are NO chores or errands!

Two days after this conversation with my co-worker, my Mom called.  It seems she has the travel bug....  And in a few months time we're taking off for a vacation!  And it's very affordable and we'll have a terrific time!

(I'm very close to my parents.  My Mom and I have travelled together before and we always have fun!)

And before that.  (If you don't like Too Much Information - STOP READING!  lol!)  There is a website that I look at daily to see if there are any daily deals that may interest me.  They had previously had laser hair removal deals and I tossed the idea around for weeks.  Then I decided that the next time a laser hair removal deal came up - I wouldn't let it pass me by.

Well - there it was, the deal I'd been waiting for.  1 voucher = 6 sessions of laser hair removal.  Yes.  To get a Brazilian, it costs 3 vouchers.  I paid $270.  It's a SMOKING good deal.  I figured it out - if I don't have to pay for waxing for 5 years I will save myself $2600.  Hopefully the laser removal will live up to my expectations and I will be happier than a pig in poo.

I can't believe these two very nice things came up in the same day!  Especially when I'd been so busy throwing myself a little pity party.  I'm feeling incredibly lucky.

This is The Cane Girl - signing off.

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