Sunday, 24 April 2011

And The Winner Is....

I have a clear winner in the Macadamia Crazy challenge. 

Macadamia Cookies B is definitely the best of the two.

A was baked on Monday, B was baked on Tuesday - and on Wednesday (and Thursday) B was still softer and not as sweet as A.  A was also a little crunchier (more crunchy?) than B.

So B it is, and as soon as I get an opportunity to do so, it will take up permanent residence in my cookbook (or collection of recipes if you want to call it that).  Turns out I CAN choose between things!

*I apologise for my minor freakout the other day about my blog format.  I realise it's my own and that only I can dictate the format and what I put in it - I was just feeling inadequate and I hate that feeling.  Ick.*

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