Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Signs of Spring

With the long, cold, and hard Canadian winter behind us, I couldn't hardly wait for the spring to come which will also ring in the long summer days.

But looking outside at ALL the snow that is still in the yard, you'd hardly think it was April.  All that snow.  I did think that I saw it melting, but I also thought it was my imagination.

And then.  I was outside in the yard on Friday and heard a sound that was familiar, but something I hadn't heard in ages.  Then I recognized it.  A Canadian Goose.  Nothing hints at the return of Spring like the return of the Geese.  Then I finally saw it fly over my head and it was beautiful!

And yesterday.  Yesterday again I was outside and something flittered by that caught my eye.  Can you guess?  Not a bird, not a bee - a little butterfly!  I was thrilled, but I also actually felt kind of sorry for it.  There are no flowers for it to get food from!  It's a little too early.  Poor little guy.

In the little tree in my front yard, I have solar-powered lights hanging.  Coming home from the movie (which I will comment on next), as I was approaching the house, I thought I saw something strange - I realized the lights in the tree were on!  I looked and there was a tiny little bit of solar panel sticking out of the snow - enough to power the lights I guess.  It did make me notice how much the snow is melting!!!

And today - I noticed the snow mold.  Ick.  Can't wait to bring out the hose and blast that crap away from my lawn!  Maybe a couple of weeks from now....

On the news this morning, they were talking about streets that were flooded!  I'm actually not surprised.  Just a little way up the street from my house, the water has completely filled the ditch and is level with the street.  It's AMAZING.  Apparently the drainage is plugged somewhere!!!

Last night Dee and I went to see Red Riding Hood.  I was actually surprised because I did enjoy it!!!  Now - anyone who knows me, knows that going to the theater is always an adventure for me.  Whether it's a creepy little kid chewing on the back of my chair, or some dumb teeny-bopper talking and laughing the whole way through the show, or a "security guard" opening and closing the exit door throughout the show - there's always something to talk about.  It's a huge part of why I avoid the theater like the plague.  But sometimes I forget all that stuff and really want to go!!!

So - Dee and I are plopped down in our seats and having a little visit before the show, and these two girls come in.  They climb the stairs and pull up behind us - and suddenly a shower of popcorn rains down on Dee.  ?!??!?!  The girl (well - she was a grown woman) proceeded to laugh her head off and sort of apologise - and then turned to her friend and said "hee hee hee!  At least it wasn't pop this time!!!"  WHAT?????  You spilled POP on someone???  I'm sorry, if you are unable to control your snackage, perhaps you shouldn't get any.  Unless it's in a snap-lid container and you have a sippy cup.  Then maybe. 

The theater was actually pretty busy considering Red Riding Hood has been in for a while now.

A few minutes into the movie - a horrible smell wafted down to us.  Like.  Fishy smell.  Like unclean nether-regions smell.  Ugh.  Dee looked at me and I looked at her and went - "OH MY GOD.  Is that ME???"  Dee replied, "Uh, NO.  You smell fine and it started long after we'd gotten here."  She motioned down the row and there was a young couple, dressed in grunge fashion and both with fantastic dreads in their hair.  No really - the dreads were really impressive.  And the smell was definitely coming from them.  Now.  Everyone knows that I appreciate all styles of fashion.  High fashion, grunge, goth, sporty, business, etc. etc.  I appreciate the beauty and individualness in it.  I encourage a personal and unique style.  But.  There is NO NEED to be dirty.  I know plenty of dreadheads (my word for it) that smell just fine.  It's called soap.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Ick.

See what I mean?  Blech.  I'm still grossed out.

So - with another theater adventure behind me and the most definite arrival of spring, I leave you with thoughts of the sun warm on the back of your neck, and the smell of fresh clean rain.

This is the Cane Girl - signing off.

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