Monday, 2 May 2011

Nice Weather = Busy Week

Whew - I want to say that I'm looking forward to some downtime, but I'm not sure where it's going to come from!

As Winter has finally left the proverbial building, it gave me a lot of inspiration to do my Spring cleaning.

Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning out drawers, cupboards, under appliances, inside appliances, etc etc.  It's actually pretty amazing how much you can get accomplished when you don't have a TV.  (I got a new one, and the old one got taken away on Friday, the new one was coming on Saturday)

Oh - I also recorded the Royal Wedding to my PVR.  I liked watching the ceremony and I wanted to see them kiss on the balcony.  I thought Princess Catherine's dress was gorgeous, she looked so incredibly lovely - I thought the veil was ethereal and delicate and wonderful.  I thought Prince William looked very very handsome.  The red was beautiful in contrast to the white.  I'm sort of partial to the red uniform though, I love the red serge's on the Mounties.

Saturday morning, I got really bored while waiting for my Dad to get to the house, so I headed outside and started raking the dead grass out of the lawn.  Well, first it started with raking leaves, and then turned into a totally different obsession over the grass.  Dad showed up when I was about halfway through the lawn, so I dropped what I was doing and went in to get the TV set up and make lunch.

After lunch, Dad waxed my car and his truck (don't worry!  I helped!).  After we were done, we went in and were just hanging out watching a movie, when we discovered a problem with my electronics.  FOUR HOURS LATER.  We still have no idea what was wrong, but I got a Blu-Ray player for my birthday!  (Okay, it's three months early - whatever) 

For dinner I made Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and Indian Roti.  I have to be honest, I totally cheat on the Butter Chicken.  I use the President's Choice jarred sauce.  It's DELICIOUS and tastes just like what you'd get in an Indian Restaurant - so why mess around with making it from scratch.  I was disappointed with the rice because I didn't have enough to make a proper batch in the rice cooker (and it was just barely enough for me and Dad), I knew I should have bought more.  Oh well. 

And the Roti - I love Roti.  Yum.  When I was in Grade 1 or 2, I lived down the street from an Indian girl (who was also in the same class as me) and when I would go to her house at lunchtime, her Mom would make us Roti.  I still think about it - even after all this time.  So I decided to learn how to make Roti.  I read recipes, watched videos, and learned all I could.  ( was especially helpful)  When I got home from work one week (this was ages ago) I headed over to this great Indian grocery store not far from where I live.  I told the lady working there that I was looking for durum atta flour.  She asked me what I was making and I told her I was learning how to make Roti.  She promptly proceeded to turn to two other patrons and tell them something, not in English.  All three proceeded to then turn and look at me and laugh.  Now, I didn't know what they were saying, but I understood VERY CLEARLY.  I couldn't believe they all laughed at me!  How MEAN!  And they have no idea about anything - maybe I have a lovely little Indian friend who was going to teach me.  Whatever.  Grrrr.  My feelings were still pretty hurt. 


Sunday morning Dad went on home and I continued working on spring cleaning (finished that!) and finished raking the yard in the afternoon because it was so nice.  Afterwards I put together the first part of the Caramel Frosting and put my Maple Syrup Casserole in the oven.

Monday was also spent mostly outside.  An early trip to the polls to vote (I will not even get into politics, mostly because I don't really know enough and because I could rant forever about the whole thing), a quick trip to the doctor, the pharmacy and then back home started my day.  I finally bought a tote for my Christmas lights and outdoor garland and got that put away.  I grabbed my golf clubs and headed out onto the deck to get them cleaned up for the 2011 golf season!  It was lovely and warm out there and I actually ENJOYED scrubbing my clubs.

And really - I'm a dummy, I should have been at the golf course GOLFING!  Not cleaning!  So I picked up my driver, a ball, and a tee and headed across the street to the park to just hit one ball.  I'm like a junkie.  Just one ball.  Just one.  One and I'll be happy.  *pant*pant*pant*  Duffed my first swing but was very happy with my second swing.  Don't laugh - I haven't swung a golf club in 9 months.  Really.  it's been winter.  Since last AUGUST.

So I walked over to get my ball and thought - oh, I'll just hit one more time, back towards the house.  I had a nice little short drive, and figured I had lots of field to hit one more.  I thought - there's no WAY I'll make it to the street.  No way.  None.  It'll never happen.  Teed up, swung and looked.  Man that ball flew.  Flew all the way to the street and bounced off my neighbor's HOUSE!!!!  Oooops!!!!!!!  Seriously - do you know what the odds are that that would happen?  Like a one in a hundred chance.  Thankfully there were no cars coming and THANKFULLY the ball bounced off the siding and not a window.  So I quickly scurried over to my house, dropped my club in the lawn and nonchalantly walked over to the neighbor's house and grabbed my ball.  Thankfully they weren't home - being a weekday.  Whew. 

After that, I went in a pulled out the King's Crown shells I found last June in Florida.  A few of them were kind of stinky so I soaked them in hot water and dishsoap for a couple of hours.  Apparently, the previous "owners" of these shells left some yuck behind and that's what was making the smell.  Soaked a second time, wooshed in the water and they are now soaking overnight in water and dishsoap.  Hopefully that works.

Then I did the Caramel Frosting and the Apple Spice cupcakes.  You know how that went.  I decided to call Kay and ask her if she'd like cupcakes.  I figured she could take them to work with her.  She's not sharing.  And after a quick visit and scoring some homemade tamales, I came home and had dinner.

Tuesday involved cleaning house (just my regular weekly clean), taking the car in for an oil change, laundry, and getting ready to go back to work. Just regular Tuesday stuff.

I realize that this post has been long and maybe boring to read, but I wanted you to see what a busy week looks like for me.  And now that golfing has moved up to the top of the agenda, cooking will be on the back burner (no pun intended).  If the weather is rainy and crappy I'll have something to do at least.  Posts may be few and far between.

So thank you for your time and I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into my life.

This is the Cane Girl - signing off.

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