Friday, 30 December 2011

Catching Up With You!

I know it's been a while since I've posted....  December 11th was a loooong, looong time ago.

So you want to know what I've been doing?  Maybe you don't, but this blog is about me.  So deal.

The first couple of weeks of December were spent doing the following:

1.  Working.  Blech.  Boring.

This was taken on a "good, not busy" day.
2.  Meeting new people (now that our Winter Road is in) and seeing crazy stuff like this thing:
I have no idea what this thing is, but it's freakin' cool.  And it's pulling a trailer which is just the box of a pickup truck on skis.
 This is what it looks like from the front:

3.  Watching gorgeous sunsets: (just so you know, I had to practically HANG UP on my boss so I could run outside and take these - and the pictures don't do it justice - and I missed the best part of this sunset by a couple of minutes.  Because my boss was busy yakking at me about work stuff.  The AUDACITY.)

4.  Watching gorgeous moonsets.  Yes, moonsets.

And after I "worked", I arrived at home and realized I had less than 10 days until Christmas.  And I had nothing done.  Well - not true, I had most of my gifts purchased, and only a few were last minute.

Then I proceeded to spend the next two weeks running around like a maniac.  Like, from the minute I got up in the morning until the minute I laid down in my bed at night.  Every day.  All day. 

I didn't get anywhere near finished the stuff I normally do before Christmas.  And I didn't do hardly any special wrapping (I like to make my own bows and co-ordinate those with wrapping paper and be artistic and junk), this year it was just a wrap-and-slap-finished job.  Sorry everyone.  I didn't do hardly any baking compared to last year.

I won't brag to you about the fabulous meals that my Mom cooked for me when I was visiting!  She made my favorites!!!  Canneloni (and not just plain cheese, those are boring, these ones have MEAT), Chicken & Dumplings, Seafood Lasagna, Joyce's Hot Crab Dip.  Yum.  We went to a family friend's house for turkey on Christmas Day and I made a pig of myself (yet again.  For the fourth day in a row).

I won't brag to you (today) about all the fabulous stuff I got spoiled with this year.  But I did.  Oh MAN did I get spoiled!!! 

I also won't brag to you about how disgustingly cute my nieces are.  Seriously.  The amount of cuteness is obscene.  OB.SCENE.

And just when I couldn't hardly stand it anymore and I thought I was going to drop dead of exhaustion, I got to come back to work!  Yay! 

I thought about doing a simple post reflecting on 2011 and the highlights that have been mine.  But I haven't had time to think about it at all, and can only dredge up what's happened in the last few weeks.  You're lucky, sometimes I don't remember what I did four days ago.

So for today - let me say this.  I've been so excited about sharing my kitchen and my world with you.  I wish I had time for more!  I can't wait to see what 2012 brings you and me! 

All the best to you and yours in the coming New Year!

Brimming with anticipation, this is The Cane Girl - signing off.

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